01 December 2008

How to Add Firefox Add-ons to Flock

It surprised me how easy it was to add Firefox Add-ons to Flock and I'll share this simple wisdom with you :)

Here is the BIG secret: Install it exactly as if you were using Firefox! *gasp*

  • Search for the Add-on you want.
  • Install the Add-on and restart Flock.
BUYER BEWARE: I have no clue if every add-on works. StumbleUpon works and Adblocker Plus seems to be working fine, though. Also, the StumbleUpon toolbar doesn't look that great in Flock, just remember that it was designed for Firefox!

30 November 2008

How to Install Media Plugins in Flock for Ubuntu

This is only a brief tutorial for installing flash, totem, and xulrunner plugins in Flock for Ubuntu.

  • Open up the folder /home/****/flock/plugins [replace the **** with your user name. This location depends on where you saved flock, if you followed my other tutorial, How to Install Flock in Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, this would be the location] and create a new file there which you will call "flockplugins.sh" without the quotation marks.

if [ ! -d ~/.flock/plugins ];
mkdir -p ~/.flock/plugins/

for a in $FOLDERLIST; do
if [ -d "$a" ]; then
printf "\n$a plugins found, linking\n"
for i in `ls -1 $a | grep -E 'so|xpt'`;
if [ -f "$a/$i" ]; then
rm -f ~/.flock/plugins/$i;
ln -s $a/$i ~/.flock/plugins/$i;
printf "linking $i into ~/.flock/plugins\n"
printf "$i is a symlink, skipping\n"

if [ -z `cat /etc/ld.so.conf.d/* | grep xul` ]; then
printf "
Xul dependency not in path. Please paste these lines to fix:
sudo echo "/usr/lib/xulrunner" > ~/xul.conf
sudo mv ~/xul.conf /etc/ld.so.conf.d/xul.conf
sudo ldconfig

  • Save the file and you should be good to go.