12 November 2008

Connect Xbox to Internet via Vista laptop

Here is a quick tutorial of how to connect your XBOX to the internet (for XBOX Live) by connecting your console to a laptop running Windows Vista. You can do this with a PC, too. I do not know how to do this on other operating systems, a quick google search may help you if you another OS.

XBOX => computer => internet

Things you need:
- Laptop running Windows Vista
- Ethernet Cable (a normal, everyday ethernet cable. The one supplied with the XBOX when you bought it, works perfectly)
- an XBOX (the original or 360)

1) Open Network and Sharing Center
2) On the left hand side, click Manage Network Connections
3) Right click the internet connection you are using (i.e. Wireless Network Connection) and select "Properties"
4) Click the "Sharing" tab
5) Check the box which says "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" *
6) Press OK
7) Now connect your XBOX and the laptop with the ethernet cable (this does not need to be a special ethernet cable, the one that came with the xbox works fine) **

* I also have the "Allow other network users to control or disable the shared Internet connection" box checked, I don't think you need to have this checked, but if it doesn't work without it checked, go back and check it.

** Sometimes the internet spazzes (it may just be my laptop, though), here is how to work it out: Check to see if your computer can still access the internet, if so then the problem is the connection with the XBOX. If it is the computer than I dunno, you gotta move it into a good position. If it is not the computer, try unplugging both ends of the ethernet cable and replugging them back in. If that doesn't work, then... umm... I can't help you. You'll just have to wait until your laptop is behaving again.

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