26 November 2008

In Browser Wars, IE is Still Winning... unfortunately

So, I wrote up this whole long thing praising Firefox, then Ubiquity went and crashed my browser. *sigh* Talk about irony.

Anyway, I came across a site called Market Share which keeps track of a lot of data about computer users around the world. Information such as how many people are using so-and-so web browser, or what ISP's are most widely popular. Here is some of their information.

Web Browser Market Share (as of December 2008)

It pains me, a Firefox fanboy, to see so many people using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. But, I have to admit, for the inexperienced computer user, IE must be pretty tempting. It is pre-installed in every Windows computer and many people would just not want to change, and stick with what they are comfortable. If you don't have Firefox, you can download it here (just press the big friendly button).

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